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 Learn About the Unique Benefits of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and Prepare for a Life-Changing College Experience with the  HBCU PA’LANTE COURSE (PC)


Are you a student, parent, or educator looking to gain a deeper understanding of the unique educational and cultural experiences offered by Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs)? Look no further! Our online course is the perfect opportunity for you to gain a comprehensive understanding of the incredible opportunities that HBCUs have to offer.

The HBCU Pa’lante course (PC) is a nine-module in-depth, online curriculum created to enlighten students, their guardians, and educators on the educational and cultural experiences exclusive to HBCUs serving as a college prep program in addition to providing pertinent historical context. PC is a unique experience designed to facilitate remote exposure to Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

What does the HBCU PA'LANTE Course offer?


You will learn to develop an understanding of the HBCU educational and cultural experience.


Explore the use of SOCIAL CAPITAL, NETWORK, UBUNTU, and LEGACY as you traverse the college application process, in preparation to be a full-fledged student at an HBCU.


Learn to identify HBCUs of interest then construct an engagement plan and course of action towards enrollment.


Scholars will be introduced to the course rudiments: Self- Discovery, Legacy Creation, Self-Application as well as learn about the history of HBCUs.

Scholars will complete the second module to better understand who attends HBCUs and why. An exploration of those in and beyond the African Diaspora at various HBCUs.

 Scholars learn about networking and social capital at an HBCU, recognizing opportunities for self-discovery, discussing how to build both, and why it’s important.

Scholars will learn about the African philosophy, Ubuntu as well as explore their legacy and their role in legacy creation, recognizing opportunities to build both in- and outside of the classroom.

Leaning into self-application, Scholars will be granted exposure to famous and phenomenal HBCU graduates in various professions, to better understand the journey from high school to college.

Scholars will hear from HBCU students and/or recent alumni about HBCU life (pre- and post-Corona campus life experiences).

Scholars will discover their best fit HBCU(s) by exploring major offerings and specialty programs.

 Scholars will have the chance to interact with professionals in the HBCU admissions of their choice, empowered to curate their collegiate experience.

Scholars will learn how to find scholarships, construct scholarship essays, obtain recommendation letters, AND meet their HBCU Financial Aid Expert (H-FAE)

$ 300
  • 9 Modules
  • Quizzes
  • Free Resources

Snippet From Module 3: Diversity

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Dr Canela Una Eatman

Dr. C. Una Eatman

Canela Una Martín Acosta Eatman, EdD, MBA was born & raised in Brooklyn, NY, and is a proud, 3x HBCU graduate. She obtained her Bachelor of Science degree from Hampton University, Master of Arts degree from Norfolk State University, Doctorate of Education degree from Florida International University and a Master of Business Administration degree from Morgan State University. Dr. Eatman is the CEO & Founder of HBCU Pa’lante.


HBCU Pa'lante provided me a comforting, engaging, and challenging environment to grow up, which mirrored what I saw at home in Brooklyn. As an undergraduate, Pa'lante taught me how to appreciate my culture through immersion thus organically diversifying my world view. In addition, I learned how diverse "Black" can be and position myself as an Afro-Latina woman armored with academic smarts, charisma, and unapologetic pride for my dual culture and the cornerstone significance of HBCU. Finally, HBCU Pa'lante showed me the significance of celebrating the African Diaspora community continuously and lift it up as I climb my career ladder. As an Educator, more specifically, the Seventh Grade Social Studies teacher, grade level chair, and Saturday Academy supervisor, at Hyde Leadership Charter School Brooklyn, I created a paradigm and platform for HBCU advocacy among urban middle and high school students.
Ashlyn Williams

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